Monday, November 2, 2015

Dark Shadows Audio Book 29 - The Last Stop

I won't normally be posting two Dark Shadows audio books right in a row, but my recent trip to Tampa gave me time on the drive there and drive back to listen to two of them, the second being this one - The Last Stop.

I have been enjoying the stories with Jerry Lacy as the lawyer, Tony Peterson, and Lara Parker as his sidekick of sorts, Cassandra Collins (a/k/a Angelique in disguise). They make a great pair of mystery-solvers, and while each story does delve into the supernatural (it wouldn't be Dark Shadows without it!), they are fun and quirkly, and Jerry and Lara play well off of each other.

This tale is a bit different, as it drops the listener in on the middle of the story, with Tony and Cassandra being held in a cell. With time to kill, Tony decides to pass the time by telling Cassandra a story that happened to him years ago when returning to Collinsport. The train on which he travels has a very unique passenger - one who takes Tony on a strange and unusual journey and makes him an offer that could very well change his life forever.

W. Morgan Sheppard, who is quite the famous actor in his own right, provides the voice of Lou, the mysterious passenger who is not what he seems to be.

The story is good and moody, very dark in some places, and the ultimate test of good and evil (along with that gray area in-between) certainly keeps it in the realm of Dark Shadows.  The only criticism I have for this one (and I don't know if it's just my particular CD, or if it was the production itself) is that there are places where the volume is rather low, and it's hard to hear what the actors are saying.

As with most of the prior audio books, listening to this tale made me feel like I was right there in the action with the actors. It's not the actors reading the book, as many audio books tend to be - rather, it's like I am sitting in the kitchen, listening to the television set in the other room; and I can hear everything that is going on, I simply can't see the action. The dialogue, the sound effects, the music - the directors and writers of these DS audio books do an amazing job in keeping Dark Shadows alive!

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