Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dark Shadows Audio Book 35 - The Enemy Within

The Dark Shadows legend continues...

This time, we catch up with Cyrus Longworth and Sabrina Jennings, who are living in Bangor, Maine in the same small subdivision.  Sabrina has just moved in, and Cyrus, who is the local handyman, helps her carry boxes into her new home.  Cyrus and Sabrina are nice to one another, unaware that each harbors a dangerous secret.

Lisa Richards and Christopher Pennock reprise the roles they played in the television show, as does Nancy Barrett (who makes a brief appearance as Carolyn Stoddard).  The CD continues the story from the previous CD as Jim Hardy has now taken over as Sheriff in Collinsport following the death of Sheriff Patterson, and there are archived clips in the story from other CDs, such as The Carrion Queen, The Poisoned Soul, and The Fall of the House of Trask.

As fans of Dark Shadows will recall, Cyrus Longworth has a dark side - literally.  John is a voice inside of Cyrus, one that only he can hear.  A voice that longs to take over and live life through Cyrus.  But Cyrus has learned how to control him - how to keep him from coming out and doing damage.  Or so he thought...when murders start to occur right within his community, shortly after Sabrina arrives, he begins to grow more and more concerned for Sabrina's safety.  Sabrina, who has lost her husband and who saw her husband's sister take off following his death.  She is alone and looking for solitude, but Cyrus can't seem to stay away.

The question becomes - - who is in greater danger?  Cyrus?  Or Sabrina?

In true Dark Shadows fashion, the horror escalates, and the mystery deepens with each turn in the story, and while it started to become obvious who was the real "villain" in this tale, it was a whole lot of fun listening the story unfold.  And the story ends with one of the characters on a train bound back for Collinsport, it's certain that this story is far from over!

RATING:  10 howling werewolves out of 10 for building up the suspense and providing a true-to-Dark-Shadows payoff at the end!

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  1. This is one of my favorite audio dramas! I love the Big Finish Productions! BLOODLUST is my very favorite, maybe because it is 8 hours of yummy fun/horror!