Monday, September 14, 2015

Dark Shadows Audio Book 27 - Operation Victor

Okay, I will readily admit - I'm not the biggest fan of Quentin Collins.  His character on Dark Shadows may have been sexy, but his stories were not overly exciting, and the same has held true in the series of audio books.  When he is doing full cast audio dramas, I'm good with it.  But up till now, his solo audio books have been rather lackluster - at least, as far as I was concerned.

Until this one!

Operation Victor is set during World War II, and it finds Quentin doing his best to avoid getting involved.  The only thing is, someone has other plans.  Quentin is drugged and, against his will, is forced to join a covert mission to investigate some mysterious arcane experiments taking place in the heart of the Black Forest.  Forced to work side-by-side with the rather presumptuous and tenacious Sally Green, Quentin dives out of a plane and climbs up a mountainside to sneak into a shady castle where a Doctor Moloch is messing with the supernatural.

The title of the book should somewhat give away what is going on there (I mean, c'mon - "Victor" and a "castle" with supernatural experiments?).  Without spilling the beans, I can safely say that there are a number of surprising twists and unexpected turns throughout the 60 or so minutes of story, and the ending was very satisfying in my books.  This definitely would have fit in easily with the television stories.

I once again will say how much I enjoy listening to these stories - hearing the original actors' voices as they reprise the numerous roles they played on the show - hearing the opening theme music, as well as the closing credit music at the beginning and ending of each book - even with the voice-overs at the beginning, just like in the show.  It brings back so many great memories of the show and brings out the kid in me from when I used to get so excited with each episode that came on.

I am a HUGE fan of Big Finish Productions from breathing new life into this series!

RATING:  8 werewolf howls out of 10 for surprising me not just once, but several times throughout the story!

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