Saturday, January 26, 2019

DC Super Hero Girls, Graphic Novel No. 7 - Search for Atlantis

DC Super Hero Girls
Search for Atlantis
Publisher:  DC Comics
Publication Date (October 2018)
ISBN 10 - 1401283535
ISBN 13 - 978-1401283537
115 pages of story

The girls (and boys) of Super Hero High are back for their seventh graphic novel in this series of DC Super Hero Girls comics. What I found to be unique about this book is that it not only follows the last direct-to-video cartoon film, but it also references events that took place in one of the prior DVD films. I can't recall any of the prior graphic novels actually making reference to the DVDs, so it's rather cool that they have now established that these books are in the same continuity and universe and the cartoon DVD films!  Yeah, I'm a nerd about these sort of things - sue me!

Search for Atlantis spotlights Mera, who is a new addition to the school (and to the DCSHG graphic novel universe). Taking place shortly after the recent DVD, this story finds Mera a new student at Super Hero High, and she is trying her best to fit in. It seems Wonder Woman and Mera have become best friends, but where does that leave Bumblebee, who thought she and Wonder Woman were besties? Of course, teen jealousies will have to wait, because when Atlantis goes missing and the villainous Braniac is found to be behind the disappearance, it's up to the DC Super Hero Girls to save the day!

Writer Shea Fontana and artist Yancey Labat turn out some of their best work yet with this story. It flows nicely from the DVD story, and the characterization is on point. I absolutely loved the grouping of Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy (I still want to call him Changeling, which is how I first met him in the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans series back in the '80s), and Starfire and the attempts of these four to figure out a name for themselves - - Teenage Group of Superheroes Who Work Together? Young Justice? Beast Boy and the Super Buddies? Super Friends? Super Acquaintances? Adolescent Adventurers? Or, how about - - dare I say it - - Teen Titans?!?!

It was also really nice to see Miss Martian take a bigger role in this book. Her character has always been portrayed in this series as super-shy, constantly turning invisible anytime someone spoke to her. But in this story, Fontana shows just how much the character has grown, giving Miss Martian not only a leadership role, but a chance to take on the bad guy directly. Plus, the cameos of Black Orchid and Mary Marvel on page 25, well that just made my day! I mean, it was only in one panel, but still - the costumes were fantastic, and hopefully that is a small hint that we may see more of these two in the future. I certainly hope so!

Overall, this was definitely one of the best books in the series, both story-wise and in the art department. If they continue in this positive direction, I think Fontana and Labat will have a successful series for many more books to come!

RATING:  9 shrunken cities out of 10 for continuity, characterization, and good, clean comic fun!

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